Preaching to the Choir

Your words matter.

You. Right now. Whatever you’re doing. Know that.

Your words matter. They are important. If you don’t write them, they will never be written. What you have to say will never be said. That story you have brewing inside of you needs to told. People need to hear it.

You will fail. You will write draft after draft that are awful. They will suck. You will hate them, and that’s okay. Anne Lamott has said that “very few writers really know what they’re doing until they’ve done it.” I’ve found this to be one of the truest statements about writers. We don’t know what we feel until we write it. We don’t know what we think until we write it.

There will be days you will write absolute garbage. But you must write it. There will be days you sit at a blank screen, thinking that what you’re attempting is harder than brain surgery. There is some truth to that.

Don’t give up. Please don’t give up. The world needs your words. We need to read beauty. We need honesty, emotion, and vulnerability. For the sake of beauty, keep writing. Write when you have something to say, and write when you have nothing to say. Write when you feel like it, and write when you’d rather do anything else on earth (including brain surgery.)

Because you need to. Because we need you to.